WHOLESALE terms and conditions
E-mail to have the catalog of wholesale prices and printed form catalog
(worlwide shipping and custom made available to order)!

*minimum order : As the label is just strating ,there is no minimum amount to order only a minimum of items -at really affordable price!All items are sewn with high quality fabric and stitching,i really want happy customers!
The minimum order for the limited or continued items is 6 (ex:2 item limited item in 3 sizes or 6 differents continued items-assorted skirt/top...).
The minimum for 3 for the unique items-or if hello kitty items (ex:1 limited dress in the 3 sizes..,3 skirts ..).

*website enquiries : if you want to sell freyagushi's items on your website,(not on shops or markets) just e-mail me for special arrangements

*continued items: All sizes are available:you will be able to order made to measure items on customer request with only a small delay of 1 week for shipping.(even plus sizes ae available).
If you are looking for a special material or shade,especially for all pvc items,which is not listed don't hesitate to email me :many pvc colors are avaible on request (and will be listed on my website asap)

*limited items : They are available in 3 sizes most of the time .
This will change in the future.Only the medium size will be listed and the rest of lmited items will be made to measure .You will be abble to choose the sizes you want when ordering the set .You will have to buy all the limited items .(you will be the one having that set)!

*delay : if in stock please allow us a week for delivery if fabric is in stock.
If not in stock 15 days to 1 month depending on the quantity requiered

*shipping : only with insurance-available worldwide ,i will send you a quotation with your order enquirie.

*prices : ask the chart price/printed form catalog (all prices are in uk £ ,www.xe.com for up to date conversion )

*payment : is due before shipping ,via paypal at [email protected],cheque,bank draft or postal order .

Thanks for your interest and don't hesitate to email me if any questions or to take an appointement ..