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What's freyagushi designer-wear?

designer fashion label for all the scary diva*evil nurse*psycho kitty*decadent doll*pink industrial*broken nurse*nightmare girlie!!!!!!and more!
something new mixing cyber,gothic lolita,fetish,industrial,japanese,anime and so many other "alternative"influences!
it's odd : we do our best to find unusual quality fabrics -like strange leatherette and prints (purple zebra ,blue or black camouflage ...)-and we sew on unusual shapes -many hoops, circles, pouches, or inlaid materials- : that's why we have many unique and limited items!all is from high quality stitching (wath especially on the pictures the elctrocardiogram stitch !
it's paradoxical : all clothes are a mix between hardcore elements ( razor blades, bandages, nurse crosses, webbings, straps and buckles... ) and a contrasting softer imagery (like reflective stuff-even pink!-, hand made flowers, satiny ribbons, gauze...)without forgetting the special anime-japanese-category :hello kitty dresses and more !
without forgetting the medical touch! We use many medical tools : bandages,electrocardiogramms,seringes..and some hello kitty nurses fabrics too :-b!Omnipresent on all clothes: little nurse cross on the left bottom -some filled with polystyrene balls and feathers-hello kitty bandages...!

Where to find freyagushi clothes?
For the moment there are no shops selling freyagushi clothing=if you find similar items they are copy !and not the original freyagushi clothing.I have learned there is a shop in brighton selling copy of my clothing=all my designs are protected and theft will be prossecuted.
You can find freyagushi clothing :
-at the slimelight market=it's a brand new event every 2nd friday of the month.You can email me if you want me to bring a special clothing,i have too many items to carry them all!The next time is the 14th may =10pm to 6/7am .It's a brad new event called the alternate market,where you will find as it beginns few stall but only avant-garde and weird !
_Extrem metal will start to distribute freyagushi clothing at the electric ballroom market (camden london on saturday) and catford market on sundays.It will start the 1st may.
I will post a list of shops selling freyagushi clothing as soon as they will have some!Only the one listed will have my original work and you shall trust only these shops!

Freyagushi : 3 kinds of clothes ?
Beware: I wouldn't want you to be disappointed :many items are on line only for a really limited time . I will not be able to sew them again even if you want to order them later , due to the fact that most fabrics and accessories are extremely hard to find or simply because of the elaborate shapes and designs !
continued item : we try our best to keep them on line for as long as possible: available in size S, M, L ,XL and made to measure available with a small extra-charge due to the more fabric.
limited items : soon one medium will be sewn,the rest will be made to measure (even plus sizes)!
unique items : you will be the only one wearing them !!

Please for all categories read the size chart and the terms and conditions carefully

You can subscribe to our newsletter on the top of the women/men meny page.New items are added as possible every month.Don't hesitate to email me what kind of gear you are looking for!

Note that we send worlwide : free shipping worldwide!

We apologize for people with a low internet connection (like us!) we will put in the future more picture to show all the details of the clothes-which are really full of little details!thanks to be patient (we really try to do for the best)
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Enjoy your visit and mail us if any you have any question : -)!