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*What is freyagushi label?


*How to shop?

*What are including the prices?+ little comments about the "prices are too high"..

*Are plus sizes available?

*What sizes do i have to order?

*How to order?

*What are the method of payment?

*refunds/returns policy?

*freyagushi on ebay?

*What is your privacy policy?

*Where to find freyagushi clothing=freyagushi retailers ?

*Who designed the website?

*Freyagushi label:
Freyagushi is a small business located in uk .It is a young designer wear label.I do my best to be innovative and creative!On every clothing there is a huge choice of colours and you will still be able to order other customization if you want to mix different outfits as all clothing are made to measure.
You can check freyagushi livejournal to know more about my work.

Read freyagushi bubblegum slut zine interview = here

All freyagushi models are protected by acid (anti copying in design)!!!


Ffreyagushi clothing are available wholesale with small quantities.
Email me at "[email protected]" to receive the wholesale catalog.
Freyagushi label will have a stall every september at londonedge exhibtion.
Next wholesale exhibition:spirit of fashion show in berlin (21-23january) stall 49.(www.spirit-of-fashion.com)


Freyagushi is carrying different ranges:evil nurse based on actual medical tools,pin up from hell based on 50's clichés like dotted fabrics,nightmare girlie for the bloody lolita outfits,psycho kitty for limited and continued hello kitty and anime outfits..and odd reduction corsets.
You have to click on the dolls silhouette on the top screen to shop by style.


*prices:free shipping worldwide
The prices are including everything .The prices are including the shipping cost.The price on the page is the actual price you will pay,there is no hidden charge.
little more about the prices :
"prices are too high"
Freyagushi is a quality clothing company.The prices can seem high in confront of most of the "classical" clubwear companies but i have to insist on the fact that Freyagushi isn't a clubwear company ,it's just a normal designer wear label =which means:
_the clothing are elaborated =most of them have handmade work on them (rose buds...,polysytrne balls).
_the clothing aren't industrially made in a huge factory!but sewn piece by piece to your request
"prices aren't high for a designer label so is it quality?"
_The goal of freyagushi is to try to have affordable pieces ,possible to buy saving a bit!The prices are calculate in a way to cover the fabrics..and the work but no theoric things like the name (!) like in most of designer label where you pay more the name than the product itself!


*plus sizes:
Any plus sizes (more than 32inches/81cm waist ) are available.Plus sizes are charge 5GBP extra for the more fabric.


*the sizes:
You don't have to worry about the sizes.Freyagushi clothing are only made to measure.I will email you after ordering for your measurements and colour choices.


*way to order:
You can order directly via paypal with the card.
If you don't pay via paypal but via cheque or bank transfer you have to email me your order to "[email protected]",i will provide you all the infos.
The payment online via credit card will be accepted soon.


*Methods of payment :
We currently accept most major credit cards via :https://www.paypal.com -secure server :firewalls and
limited staff access will protect your card payment . Signing up on paypal is free: you will have no additional fees. Payment due to" [email protected]". Paypal payment can be sent worldwide!
We also accept cheques -ask infos with your order ,-in UK pounds
,bank draft ,international money orders -but you may be charged by your home bank .


As all items are made to measure the goods aren't refundable/returnable.

Only if an item is faulty ,despite thorough checking before shipping, we will supply you with replacements goods of the same specifications


Freyagushi is also a seller on ebay.You will find there special items sewn for ebay=one of items .
You will find also items who used to be sold on the website but which aren't continued no more generally due to the stopping of the fabrics :they can't be no more continued.
My items on eBay click


*Privacy statement:
We do not supply information about our customers addresses to any other person or company. Credit card details are not received by us: customers details are only kept for book-keeping purposes, in accordance with the Data protection act (UK)


*freyagushi retailers :freyagushi clothing in shops !:)

-EXtrememetal (uk) :
You can find freyagushi clothing at the electric ballroom market during week end (every sunday,email her for saturday dates)/and on camden market stall during the week on extrememetal stall .

They carry hello kitty skirts,sicks rabbit sets,electro nurse skirt,cut cat skirt..they are very helpful and nice,don't hesitate to visit them!
12-13 the corridor
bath -BA15AP
tel : 01225 758 355

_pink fluffy (uk) :they have the exclusivity in camden of the betty boop and hello kitty corsets.They carry a range of ready made corset (size 24 for the moment only) but you can order made to measure too.
unit 10 A
camden town/stables
NW18AH (uk)
their website : www.pink-fluffy.com

everything hello kitty!decorative corsets,fluffy skirts...
adress : sendlingerstrasse 40
tel :(0049) 89 2607777

evil nurse skirts
website and all infos about their shop : www.backstreet.fi

_GOTIKA UNDERGROUND (the netherlands)
They carry a lot of freyagushi clothing!quite all the collection and even stuff i have no more on my website (sold only wholesale) like the furry range..You will find all categories=evil nurse,hello kitty,furry fluffy....they just need a bit time to make their own fashion shots

online website specialise in pure clubwear carrying freyagushi fur clothing



*Who designed the website?
All website,logo and freyagushi dolls have been created by the so talentuous dr-vertico!check her website : www.verticospuppets.com



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