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fetish pvc corset !
purple zebra waist corset 45 GPB
*free with the assorted dress *
romantic leather ?
rose petals waist corset
45 GPB
*free with the assorted skirt *
psycho kitty !
hello kitty orange hearts waist corset
35 GPB
*free with the assorted set *
evil girl-real razor blades !
surgical razor waist corset

45 GPB
UV funky cincher !
feathers diva green waist corset

45 GPB
cyber space kitty item !
8kitty polystyrene waist corset
45 GPB
odd kinky corset !
warning nurse waist corset

70 GPB

* experimental corset*
techno kitty !
hello kitty angel boned corset
95 GBP
soon new boned corset category will be added! *even waist reduction corset !*