Most of the hello kitty/anime wear is limited due to collectible fabrics .

Custom orders welcome:you want the same shape with another fabric ? email me ;-) more space kitty fabrics are in stock !

picture coming soon hello kitty vichy pin up stockings-fluffy blue
18 GBP
hello kitty blue nurse fashion shots
hello kitty cyber purple set

32£ instead of 42 GBP
my melody fluffy easter skirt -unique
one size 37 GBP

only via extreme metal
custom anime reduction corsets available =fashion shots .. hello kitty decadent babe set-limited
size L 82 GBP
hello kitty vichy pin up skirt pink
sizes XS TO XL30GBP
Plus sizes 40GBP
hello kitty vichy pin up stockings-fluffy pink
18 GBP

hello kitty furry fish legwarmers

9GBP instead of 17 GBP
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