This range is starting= more pictures will come soon.
You will find here quality reduction corsets at affordable prices.
I will email you after ordering for your measurements and choices,and i will provide you advices concerning corsetry and waist training.

A 2inches reduction -just for a party-is really possible without hurting=
you will be able to dance and sit without pain and without having a long lasting reduction waist.

To obtain a long lasting (modify your body) reduction you will have to wear a training corset
under your clothing every day and night.Keep in mind it's an hard work which requires patience.

All reduction corsets will be available in differents shapes,with or without busk closure.
They will be only made to measure =to assure a perfect fit!

I can't put online evry possibility of if you have a special idea for the
fabric (chinese styles,gingham styles or your favorite anime just email me=there is no extra_charge for custom orders as anyway all corsets are made to measure )

These corsets are available for everyone who want to obtain a great curvy shape
(TV's ans TS are welcome ) .

These corsets will be also available for men but the pattern will be different.
Men corsets will be added in the men section soon with M^a^le fabrics ;-)!!!(with straps,houndtooth ...)