straight overbust shape = top and bottom back protector
assorted tie,shirt from miss :)
customization : organza stripe with plain bows
customization : organza ribbon with sparkling bows
mix styles!show with the nurse decadent skirt
straight shape from retro kitty cherries + assorted choker assorted arsmplint

+straight overbust corsets +
The pictures above are showing examples of past overbust corsets.You can order something totally different.

This is the "basic" overbust shape.
You can order the corset lenght you want : a very high overbust one or one showing your cleavage ..

Freyagushi is all about mixing harsh and sweet styles.The 4rd picture is displaying the my melody overbust corset with :
-the freyagushi nurse decadent skirt
arteficeclothing puff pvc shirt .
check this girl clothing ,they are awesome ;-)

The metallic part on the front is called "busk".It is popular because it helps you to close your corset by yourself.Though it changes nothing in terms of tight lacing.

You can also order an overbust corset without busk .

Click on the above arrow to see examples of overbust corsets without busk .

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