kaotic.fr owner wedding corset ;-) :)! heart shape for the top - curvy bottom
high back
heart overbust corset with braces
extra lot of customization,mesh and bows

+heart overbust corsets +

The heart shape is especially recommanded for larger chest.
It has a very flattering curvy .

This shape has a rather difficult pattern.To ensure a perfect fitting a toile is obligatory for this corset.The toile is included in the corset price.
(toile=a prototype )

The corset displayed here has a curvy bottom (higher on the hips) .You can order a straight bottom .

The braces look great with that style.They are available without ending,with metal or plastic clips.You can order them on the "order" page (extras).

*soon will be added more picture of this outfit in the "custom" section.This is part of a wedding outfit ^-^
*The mesh top shown is part of the new collection.It will be available soon in the evil nurse AND in the nightmare girlie section.