psycho kitty shot = customization broken hearts <3 psycho kitty,hello kitty overbust without busk

This section is for custom made tight lacing overbust corsets.

You will be able to have 2 to 6 inches reduction.
You can order tight lacing corsets with or without busk closure.

Click on the squares above to see the different overbust shapes available.
If noone of these shapes inspire you you are welcome to email me for a different design.

If you would like to order one of the evil nurse overbust corsets BUT tight lacing email me.The over charge to order a tight lacing one (one more fabric layer,metal bones) is 10GBP.
click here to see the nasal nurse overbust corset
click here to see the girls & guns overbust corset

*ready made corsets will be listed from time to time for creativity rush purpose ;-)..