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Click on one of the paypal cards above to order your corset.I will email you after receiving your order for your fabric ,customization choices and measurements.
The prices are including made to measure + one customization.

click here to view the kind of customization included

what are including the prices?

These prices are from all fabrics exept full anime.
STRAIGHT overbust corset with busk
-price 140GBP-
STRAIGHT overbust corset without busk
-price 130GBP-
HEART overbust corset with busk
(including the prototype)

-price 180GBP-
Heart overbust corset without busk
(including the prototype)

-price 170GBP-
extra for a full anime corset
-price 10GBP-
click on the arrow to order your assorted accessory order your assorted accessory

If you want extra customizations the price email me.
Unless you want handmade sewing the overcharge is allways fairly minimal.
(for ex : additionnal bows on the bottom 5GBP,braces 18GBP ...)