fashion shots
and examples

On this page you can see corsets examples and shapes available.The betty boop corsets are continued=you can order the same corsets with the same customization as on the pictures.
The hello kitty and my melody fabrics can be unique (in this case it's not possible to order this corset no more) or limited :if the limited fabric is still available it's written under the corset picture.

For the prices and fabrics in stock watch the corset terms and faq's : click here

*corsets shapes and fashion shots
*examples of overbust corsets
*examples of unberbust corsets
*examples of open bra longline shape underbust corset

* fashion shots and corset styles !*
freyagushi fashion shots!photographer=philip janin (watch my link for his art)
All freyagushi models and pictures are property of freyagushi and protected officially by acid=anti-copying in design.If you want to use them email me.

longline overbust corset
-fabric closure

*model marcie
"psycho kitty"
longline underbust style
-fabric closure-
*model Bbr50's
open bra underbust
-fabric closure

*model myself :/!!
"bunny girl"


*examples of overbust longline corsets
These corsets will arrive over your chest=you will deceide of the height depending of your body measurement and of the effect you want to obtain=like an armor really over the chest or in the sexy pin up style in the middle of your chest!

longline overbust made from:
- hello kitty blue angle fabric
(still available)
-customization : broken hearts
longline overbust corset :
unique item for the gorgeous "fairy with glitters" ;-):

-customization : bows
-accessory : medical inspired armsplint


*examples of underbust longline corset
These corsets will arrive under your chest.They are really easy to wear even for everydaywear!!...

betty boop corsets
betty boop cheked fabric
_customization : ribbon,flowers
_assorted choker
betty boop valentine fabric
customization : ribbon,bows and red glittering hearts
assorted choker


hello kitty sweets fabric (still in stock )
customization :foam sweets
accessory : inspired medical armsplint
hello kitty and mimmy fabric (no more in stock )
customization : pink cut rabbit,lace
accessory: assorted choker
hello kitty cameo fabric (in stock)
customization : rose buds with pearls,bows
hello kitty bridal fabric (unique=no more available)
customization : rose buds
hello kitty blue safety pins fabric (no more available)
customization : lace and pink safety pins


*examples of open bra shape underbust
This shape is also longline (down on the hips) but with an elaborated bra shape.

my melody valentine fabric (still available)
customization : bows
my melody blue checked fabric (unique)
customization : ribbon,cut rabbits and bows
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