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If you want to know more about freyagushi,share your opinions about it or about art ect you can check freyagushi live journal.
Don't hesitate to drop me a message on myspace ;-)..I am allways looking for new people to work with .I love also to know people who my work talk to !
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--->last news + future projects

lot to come for the new year..nothing yet but arund february things will move!..
new hello kitty,cinamoroll, batz maru fabrics added
.They are available for any tight lacing corset and soon for the psycho kitty custom range.
click to open the hello kitty and anime fabric page

+09/10/06 +
The "basics" tight lacing corsets sections has been uploaded.
I call them basics but ;-) they aren't..Special freyagushi designs will be added soon to reinforce medical,military and pin up style.