these aren't random links.
The special links are for people i personnaly know,helping freyagushi to improve and exist day by day (<3 to forgive my weirdness )
The other links are for people i especially like the work,their creativity,talent,passion...

If you think your work is complementary to freyagushi clothing....or with the same philosophy email me to swap links ;-)..

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*music ahah real industrial music ! + weird litterature etc

*.....random....dolls,fashion,ressource pages...


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*special links*
Soon special pages will be added for the special links with example of the collaboration/special items made concerning freyagushi .

(more infos coming soon)
Dr_vertico and her beautiful dolls!!! the designer of this entiere website and the new fab freyagushi logo/dolls.
Tee-shirts,pins..posters with her artworks will be available soon :)!a great complement to any freyagushi clothing !!


new furniture company=industrial and nurse furnitures!!!with incredible colors..He is the unique designer of freyagushi exhibitions furnitures,nurse crosse tables and off course (and with inlaid glitter please !!)..

*** :
(more infos coming soon)
The unique personn which i am able to make my crazy pictures with!!!!if you like weird metallic,usine universe have a look at this amazing website!..(and i have to say these artworks are even more amazing when you have them in front of your eyes!).

*** : click on the banner
body jewelry for extrem people !
Extremetal is the first company to have trust freyagushi clothing and bring them in london!every
sunday at the electric ballroom market and on camden market weekly.
Great range of body jewellry (especially the amazing silicon ear plugs!) and really
low prices (but good quality!)

Trevor brown website..because it's my unique  and only
source of faith when i am :(...why.?it allways cheers up
to see  beauty,existing weirdness,creativity without end..

*** : click on the banner
hair beauty !
Ceri is my only one and fav hair-extensionist!..and have to deal with my
odd request!!...falls,foam,loose extensions,roving dreads....(soon for me bandages dreads!)
She can put everything on your hairs!

freyagushi ebay store
when i have the time i list one off stuff on ebay.I will do my best to list esp
one ready made corset per week at bargain price so check it!you can also add "freyagushi" to your favorite seller to be notified on the freyagush ebay new items.

My items on eBay

***eheh where to wear your freyagushi clothing??***
check skin two website for infos about the rubber ball (skin two party esp)
I will be there on 8th october 2005=great occasion to wear really eccentric clothing :)) in a friendly atmosphere!
if you see me don't be scared let's chat ;-)...
skin two website,rubber ball infos :)
without forgetting skin two clothing (yummi military rubber stuff)
20% discount on all freyagushi clothing (even corsets) scanning your rubber ball party (8october) tickets!


pimp clothing
designer label with the same kind of philosophy than freyagushi=
well made personnalized clothing.
You pick your fabric and your design to create your unique wear!
fabrics=pinstripe,chinese prints,pvc with :) <3 military patches or nurse crosses..
i am totally in love with the accesorries (nurse hats and military caps,ties) and the hobble skirt
cliccccccck to see jill fab work

refuse to be usual !!!!!!

This is my fav ever ebay shop !
The so sweet seller is bringing you impossible to find items in europe=
in the lolita stype,j rock and egl.
Don't be afraid off the quality due to the low prices ,i owe some of her clothing and just love them!

another pink addict from the netherland..
check the pink
new stars corsets!

hair surgeon
This shop is mainly a hair extension shop specialize in foam and plastic falls (really crazy).
They are launching a really nice range of medical accessories=eyepatches,hats and tie.

mode merr .. click on the banner to discover pin up styles

great funny designs=poodles,rabbits,cute pencils skirts and sweets clothing

click on the banner

cats from hell,tutu skirts...gorgeous armwarmers..

perfect girlie wear ;-)

: click on the little banner

amazing designer wear from latvia ..Things for GUYS there :
my fav is the Black jacket with green straps and pockets,for me it's a kind of military/russian jacket
...swap cats pants and jackets!!!
The couture dresses which are properly amazing!

: click on the banner

you like japan?anime?you will love gaijin geisha work!
amazing kanji,tee-shirts,hair pins..
(my fav is the "sweets" bracelet)


You should absolutely check the tees of this girl!
My favorite (i wear it all the time with the white/pink nurse streetwear skirt) -especially to go to bu sweets-
is the "sugar overdose " tee !

yummi models !
crazy models who love my crazy creations :)!thanks girls :)

***trash doll!***
well you can't miss her!she is the bloody freyagushi nurse..
and she has also a very nice website full of cute rabbits,pink and medical <3
well the banner tell how much we have in common!

*** assisted suicide***
pictures coming soon with freyagushi nurse outfits and kitty :)

freyagushi psycho kitty :)!

***publicharakiri*** : click on the banner
Bloody doll from netherland..if you are looking for a trash,original fetish model
this girl is for you !soon on freyagushi pictures i hope ;-)!

***miss murder***
she is soo lovely ..!!!! nightmare asian doll lost in weird spaces,bunker...bathroom...

**music & litterature**
first i have to start with susan lawly ..and whitehouse..
which stay the most amazing band i ever see !year after year!

the greatest ressource page for industrial events (worldwide events)

fortunatly for me they are existing!for real industrial
music events in london- not "care bears electro" !

well known great music label

amazing art book, website..
trevor brown,romain slocombe,fetish fashion,bondage and more..

.....and .......

new uk labels with funny web design..
click on the bannerto discover Kustom kulture and pin up girls for tomcats and temptresses=bags,clothing (tees),accessories (collars,funky mirrors) -everything from betty page to lisa petrucci!

bubblegum slut zine interview

read the freyagushi interview here

*** :
click on the banner

cutest goulhies (even a freyagushi nurse cat) ! and beautiful accessories..
check the garters ! terminal brides!

*** :
click on the banner

amazing ressource website with all strange business!..


fresh girlie cosmetics



*support independant designers !

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*art and fetish*

Julie #1,painting courtesy of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

Fashion &
Art Express

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***freyagushi banner***
feel free to link freyagushi website :)!any help is welcome...just paste the banner in your own servor..