* freyagushi custom clothing *

All freyagushi clothing are made to measure and in a certan way custom made
as you choose your fabrics,details ect.
Though more personnalisation is very welcome too!The point of
freyagushi is individual expression ..

-You can ask for other fabrics than the one shown,generally at no extra cost..quote off course will be made before any order!
-You can also ask for more (my style!) or less or different customizations on clothing.Extra charge will only occure if handmade sewing is needed,if you add extra lot of customizations...........

*less customizations.*
for example = picture of the military girlie range without the pvc patches but with a drill x cross.
Sorry i can't refrain myself to put nurse crosses everywhere ;-) but you can ask me to remove them!

*more customizations and different ruffled fabric*
here is my own rubber ball outfit 2005 (london)
The corset customization called "warning nurse" will be available soon.
The braces are one of the new additions for corsets.
The skirt will be listed with different fabric for the ruffles and different designs..
though so these designs are fine too as special order

more pictures on the live journal

*special orders*
Totally different clothing,fabrics,ideas are welcome.
=medical corsets ,clothing with actual razor blades..for example.
If the clothing isn't in my field i will do my best to indicate you someone else.

example of a bustle skirt-custom

example of custom pvc corset for the great designer of this website ;-) the unique miss trashdoll69

note = i don't sew historical or repro corsets..
You can check at the very interesting corsetry community for this purpose.

live journal corsetry community