hello kitty fireman waist corset: limited item!custm made available,eevn for plus sizes !

With this corset you will have the hello kitty fireman leg warmers free !

The hello kitty fireman waist corset is a 9 parts round shape underbust corset.It's sewn without bones so it's a decorative corset.
You will obtain a slimming effect because it's made in the shape of the bust with a real curvy pattern.
It is made from 2 layers of fabric :the hello kitty fireman fabric (really hard to find )and a soft fleece inside for a more comfortable wear.
It has two black/silver reflective uv tapes crossing on the front with red plastic decorative straps.It is closed on the back with metallic eyelets :quite adjustable wasit corset.

This corset will be custom made ,exept for the small size :25" waist.I will contact you for your measurements after ordering.It is available also for plus sizes :16+ for UK:all sizes up to 31" waist but with a 10 £ extra charge for the more fabric.

Only 2 are available:the small size and 1 custom made :this is a really limited item.For the small size waist is 25" .

hello kitty fireman dress : click here

hello kitty fireman furry leg warmers (free with this corset) : click here

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Price : 35 GBP size lesss than 31" waist (less than 75 cm) -size small or custom made
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Custom made for plus sizes :all sizes up to 31" waist (up to 16 for UK)
Price 45 GBP
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