heartwear waist corset*from leatherette :only one left -15GBp instad of 27GBP

Heartwear is a 4 parts waist-corset:without stays but already molded in the shape of the waist.It has a silver reflective heart and star on the front center,silver reflective pvc tapes on both sides .It is closed on the back with a velcro tape.

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Due to no more reflective heart and star i will be able to sew only 1 heartwear waist corset which will be less than 32 inches waist = less than a 16UK,14US,44 europe.I will email after ordering for your measurements.

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Heartwear underbust corset
Sizes less than 32inches/84cm waist

Price :
15 GBP reduced
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I will email you after ordering for your measurements