feathers diva  green waist corset
:PVC,transculent plastic

front:9 parts waist-corset without stays but sewn/sclupted to be as rigid as a usual corset, high to the bust (pointed-shape),center filled with  feathers and polystyrene balls
closure with metallic eyelets( you can choose 3 differents closures:watch the prices chart)

feathers diva green set : click here

Made to measure is available with 5£ over-charge for all other sizes than S/M/L :email me to order :watch the "terms".

please read carefully
the sizes chart (email me if in doubt)

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Price : Velcro tape closure: 40 GBP:Sizes ::Add to cart:
Price : Eyelets closure: 45 GBP:///Sizes :Add to cart: ::::
Price : Ribbons closure: 50 GBP :::::Sizes ::Add to cart :