8kitty polystyrene waist corset /waspie (*****pink pvc)

8kitty poystyrene is a molded corset (with no bones) : it is not suitable for waist reduction /waist training.This is a decorative ornament, it will give you a slimming shape but no more than 2" less than your natural size.

All molded corsets are suitable for both TV's/TS who desire to obtain a feminine shape.

Please read the FAQ's about molded corsets : click here

This funky fetish underbust corset is made from candy pink pvc (really shinny) with neon pink feathers and polystyrene balls inlaid !!
It has
9 parts -already molded in the shape of the waist (that's why it' s so curvy).
It has 2 layers of fabric,you will feel comfortable even being hold due to the soft fleece fabric inside.
This corset is a high underbust style with a pointy shape : it will arrive under your chest and down on your belly bottom.
The center front is filled with  feathers and 8-shaped polystyrene balls
It is closed with metallic eyelets (really strong long lasting closure).

This corset is a limited item .
To order the right size it will depend of the effect you want to obtain:
* if you want a slimming shape order your usual clothing size
,if you want an accentuated curvy shape order one size less than your usual size.

Only size medium is left.
*size medium:27" (68cm)waist:
_if you are a medium size you will obtain a slimming shape but not a real curvy one.
_if you are a large size (29"waist =14UK,12US,40Europe) you will obtain an accentuated curvy shape.

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