hello kitty bandage hearts set :unique item

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This unique set is made from hello kitty orange hearts fabric from sanrio and shinny orange pvc.
Only one medical fun hello kitty orange set will be sewn due to the rare hello kitty fabric.

This set

You buy the set you get the assorted waist cincher for free.Free shipping worldwide:no hidden charges.

*the top *
The top is a one- sleeved asymmetrical top exposing your back.
There is a false hello kitty pocket with hello kitty hearts all around on the front.It is quite an industrial top with huge black elastic bands on the back.The top is held only with these elastic bands (width 2,5in=5cm):
two holding the sides, one for the shoulder strap

* the skirt *
This is a asymmetrical hoop skirt-longer on the back.The hem is quite rigid because of the hoop inside (plastic boning) .
The center front is made only from hello kitty fabric with hello kitty hearts on each sides ,diagonally there is a medical bandage (protected with translucent plastic) .
The skirt is closed on the back with a zipper .There are
two hello kitty hearts on the right buttock.
*skirt front length 13in=33cm
*skirt back lenght 25,5in=64cm

hello kitty orange hearts waist corset :
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Price : 95 GBP
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