*1)detail of the star skirt with real razor blade/2)top pocket with the silver reflective star/3)hello kitty bandage of the back skirt on the right bottom*

Barbie love set:unique item *reduced price :75GBP instead of 95GBP!*

size small : waist 25"(64cm),bust 38" max
SIZE 10 FOR UK,size 8 for US,36 for Europe

Here is a unique funky dangerous outfit made from rare glittering candy pink barbie fabric and candy pink pvc.

The price is reduce to put the 2004 collection online.The price is the entiere price you will pay:free shipping worldwide,no hidden charges!You are buying the set:top and skirt.You can email me afterordering to add an extra elastic band around the bust.

The barbie love top is a kind of bib top.
It has a huge Barbie print pocket with a silver reflective star and a Barbie print star on the right corner.The shoulder straps are made from candy pink pvc with silver reflective fabric.This top will glow under uv lights!
It is held only with white elastic bands ,one holding the shoulder straps and one the waist (you can require an extra elastic band around the bust).It's a really adjustable top:you will be abble to wear it over a jumper for every day wear or just over a bra for clubwear.
*TOP length 10,4in=34cm*

The barbie-love skirt is a candy pink funky fetish pencil skirt.
It has two Barbie print stars on the front :the biggest has a real razor blade on-protected with plastic so it's really safe ;-)(picture 1).
It is closed on the back with a zipper.There is a Hello Kitty nurse cross bandage on the bottom right and silver reflective fabric crossing.
The skirt bottom is finished with a Barbie print flounce ,and the hem with silver uv reflective fabric .
*skirt lengh 20in=50cm*

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Free shipping worlwide! If you don't want to pay via paypal secure server watch the terms for other method of payment or just email !

Price : 75 GBP instead of 95 GBP
Size small
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