*purple stitch*

military satin top : pink or purple stitch.

The military satin pink top is a is one- sleeved asymmetrical military top made from a heavy satin coated fabric and french camouflage.It has a false camouflage pocket on the front with a black satiny star sewn with uv pink thread.
It is closed on the back only with huge black elastic bands (width 2,5in=5cm) for a more industrial style : two holding the sides and one for the shoulder strap.It is a quite adjustable top due to the elastic bands :you will be able to wear it over a tee or over a jumper.

This top is
available with neon pink or purple stitch.I will email you after ordering for your colour choice and measurement.For this top only sizes S to L are available.

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Price : 30 GBP
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I will email you after ordering for your measurements and stitch colour.