surgical razor skirt:limited item!
surgical green/emerald leather,electric blue adhesive tape ,purple trim,razor blades!

Here is one of the most extravagant and amazing skirt i have ever sewn!You know i do really love babe medical outfit mixed with suicidal tendancies-have a look at the matching real razor blades corset ;-)!cyber or fetish???just odd and impressive !

This skirt is a pencil opened mini-skirt.It is made from a really heavy leather fabric ,the color is the classical medical green .Both sides of the skirt are opened with 3 straps on aperture .There is a huge purple silicon with inlaid glitters nurse cross and electric blue diagonaly ribbon on the front.
Another ribbon is on the back,closure is also on the back with a zip.The skirt is finished with electric blue tape on the front and purple lace on the bottom.
* length 18in=45cm

limited item:don't miss it!Only 3 (1 per size ) were sewn:it's quite not probable you will find someone with the same odd skirt !

surgical razor set : click here

size chart:
size small=25inches waist (64cm)
size medium=27inches waist (68cm)
size large)=29inches (72cm)

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