petals polystyren skirt *clearance due to stopping of purple leatherette fabric* :this skirt is free when you buy the petal polystyrene bust corset !

This skirt is a fetish gothic skirt made from strong purple leatherette.It has a really flared shape .The top is finished with a purple satiny biais.
There is a plstic stripe filled with rose petals on the back,assorted to the matching bust corset.

This set will be perfect for any coktail or fetish party !For only 95£ (price of the bust corset) you will have a gorgeous unusual outfit !!

petal polystyrene set : click here

Only size medium is left : max 27" waist (67cm).

More fetish wear swill coming soon with a new "basic pvc wear" category (underbust pvc boned corsets in a huge range of colors,pencil skirts...).To get informed of new items just send a e-mail with title "mailing list".

Free shipping worldwide !!no disappointement with outrageous shipping charges !

Only size medium left
Price : 60 GBP
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