hello kitty orange hearts dress: unique item

This dress is a unique item:size small/medium:
23" to 28" waist,34" to 38" bust
size 10/12 for UK,size 8/10 for US,size 36/38 for Europe

This dress is a really UV reactive one.It is made from a real bright neon (UV) lycra.It has a huge hello kitty heart with 2 electrocardiogram patches (protected with translucent plastic) on the top and 3 hearts on the skirt.There is also a hello kitty hear on the rigth buttock.
It's a short sleeves dress with a boat neck.

This dress is at reduced price :60GBP instead of 85GBP!prefect for any decadent raver girl as it's really uv reactive or cyber fetish kitty with the inlaid electrocardiograms!This is a unique dress,you won't find it on the high streets!

hello kitty orange heart lycra tee : click here

hello kitty orange bandage set : click here

New UV/furry category will be added in 2204 and made more (quite all custom made)hello kitty items.To get informed don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter (quite frequent)-on the bottom on the women menu page.

Price :reduced price 60 GBP instead of 85GBP
size S/M


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