sailorglow legwarmers:free with sailorglow skirt or top !

These are stretchy cyber style leg warmers made from black/grey leatherette.They have an assymetrical shape:longer on the back.You will have to wear them with platform boots.They have neon orange uv tape all around.

This item will be soon replace with flared shaped leg warmers,some with hoops,and with a new range of uv tapes !To get informed subscribe to our mailing list (on the bottom of the women menu page ;-))

sailorglow set (reduce price!) : click here

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please read carefully the sizes chart (email me if in doubt)

Size Small to Xlarge (10 to 16 for uk,8 to 14 for US,36 to 42 for Europe)
Price :
15 GBP
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Made to measure (all sizes up to 16 UK,up to 14 US,up to 42 Europe).I will email you for your measurements.
Price :
18 GBP
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