*the fluffy lilac hearts*

*the purple reflective ribbons*

*My melody easter fluffy skirt *unique item :one size fits all (up to 31" waist)

This lolita fluffy skirt is a flared skirt made from my melody easter fabric (perfect for easter parties ;-)).
It has huge fluffy hearts and purple reflective fabric tape on the front .
It has a 5inches lilac fluffy flouce bottom and an assorted UV purple ribbon on the back.
This skirt is adjustable :you will be able to wear it high-waisted or low rise (on the hips).

*top height = 14,5"(37cm) ,flounce 4" (10cm)=total length 18,5"(47cm)

This skirt is an unique item.It will fit to all sizes less than a 32inches(78cm) waist.

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My melody easter skirt
Sizes less than 31"waist/81cm
(less than 16UK,14US,42Eur)
Price :
42 GBP
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