hello kitty rainbow dress:limited item :only 1 per size S,M,L!

more pictures of hello kitty rainbow details : click here

Here is a bloody hello kitty rainbow dress.As every hello kitty items it is made from a hard to find limited printed fabric only sold in japan AND it is a so sophisticated dress with many work on it -the price is really affordable for a such unique and elaborated dress !..Only 3 dresses were sewn.You will never find a similar dress anywhere in the world!

*top :The top is made from red shinny pvc and has a huge hello kitty false pocket on it.The pocket has a small cloud on the right corner (have a look at the details pictures ) It is a kind of bib top held only with huge black elastic bands (but it's impossible for it to fall off ;-))
*skirt:The skirt is conic and rigid due to the plastic boning hoop on the bottom .The center front is made only from hello kitty rainbow fabric .This is a box-pleated skirt:each pleat is ending with silver UV reflective star .There is an assorted silver reflective webbing ending with a buckle on the hips.
On the back there is a hello kitty star on the rigth buttock .The skirt closes with a zipped.

This dress is a must for every hello kitty fan!why classified it?.....it's only an odd anime japanese lolita kitty dress !

Size large is left:
*size large=29inches waist

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