*Hello kitty furry fireman legwarmers/boots*-clearance 9GBP instead of 17GBP including shipping worldwide

These gothic hello kitty legwarmers are stretchy made from a real soft black medium pile fur and from hello kitty black fireman fabric .
There is hello kitty fireman fabric on the front with silver reflective tape on each part.These legwamrers are really flared !They are quite adjustable due to the elastic band on the top.

One size fits all.
*top : 12,4" to 16":size 8 to 22
*flared shape : 20,8"
*length : 16,8"

These are great for clubwear or every day wear as well !They are limited due to the hard to find hello kitty fireman fabric!You will have cool furry hello kitty (you won't find that on the high streets!) for only 17£ as the price includes shipping & packaging:free shipping worldwide!Only 3 pair will be sewn.

Free shipping worldwide:no hidden shipping charges.

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