hello kitty decadent angel set : limitem item

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This cyber pink lolita set is made from hello kitty angel pink fabric only(limited edition from japan!).It's a quite UV and reflective outfit ,prefect for any candy raver or cyber lolita !It has many pink stuff on it -you know i am myself totally addict to pink -:neon pink reflective tape,neon pink plastic and even pink hello kitty bandages !!!!

*The top *
It is an exposing your back top .
It is really adjustable :you will be abble to wear this set for every day wear :why not over a pink pvc trouser with the skirt down on the hips and the top over a jumper?or for clubwear with just pink fishnet tights,furry boots ;-),and a tee!
The top has a really HUGE neon pink plastic "broken" heart with a small nurse cross -with a hello kitty bandage inside-on the corner.
The top is held on the collar with a 2" neon pink ribbon (quite adjustable),and on the back only with shinny white elastic bands (width 2,5in=5cm):one holding the bust and one the waist.Don't be afraid !It's impossible for this top to fall off !

*The skirt *
IT is a hoop mini skirt.The front center has neon pink nurse crosses and stripes with hello kitty bandages inside and neon pink reflective pvc tape stripes on each side.
It is closed with a zipper on the back.There is a hello kitty bandage on the rigth buttock too and a neon uv pink reflective tape stripe on the right part .(watch the picture details)
*length 15,6in=39cm*

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This is a limited set :only one per size : 1 small left ..If you want to wear it on the hips email me the top measure you require i will transform the skirt for you ;-)!
*size small 23inches waist

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