hello kitty blue nurse set : limited item

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This set is made from the most fetish girlie Hello Kitty fabric i have ever seen!It 's a serious surgical fabric with hello kitty nurse and surgeon mouse!!!!This is a limited edition japanese hello kitty fabric from sanrio .For this set i used only extremly odd materials :blue plastic,pink reflective fabric tape,lavender webbing (on which i have sewn pink reflective tape and small blue plastic nurse crosses) ,without forgetting the inlaid electrocardiogramm on the top pocket ! (a real one;-)!!) and the syringe filled with blue resin!

*The top *
It will expose your back.It has a huge blue plastic nurse cross with a real electrocardiogram inside.There are two diagonally reflective pink fabric tape stripes on the front.The top is held on the collar with a ribbon (quite adjustable),and on the back with pink reflective tape.It's a really UV reactive closure!

*The skirt*
It has a sophisticated asymmetrical hoop shape.It's gorgeous to wear it with garters ;-)!
It has two webbing straps (with pink reflective fabric tape and 7 small blue plastic nurses crosses ) .The must is the syringe filled with blue resin on the left side (held with a blue paper clip)!!!!!
The skirt closed with a zipper on the back.The back has two pink reflective stripes on the rigth part and a hello kitty fabric bandage on the rigth buttock .The reflective webbings are ending on the back too.
*front length 13in=33cm*
*back length 25,5in=64cm*

This is a limited set :one the size medium is left=25inches waist.If you like this outfit i am able to sew it with another hello kitty fabric!just email me .

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