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*hello kitty angel fully boned underbust corset* unique item custom made:only one !

This hello kitty cyber lolita underbust corset is made from a such hard to find quilted fabric (from hello kitty angel design).It is made from 2 layers of fabric:the second is hello kitty fleece fabric (hello kitty heart ) so this corset is as cute outside as inside.

This is a 9 parts underbust corset (it will arrive you under the chest ).It has 10 bones that will hold you to obtain a really slimming effect but it can not be a waist reduction corset due to the stretchy flece inside.You figure wil be really curvy !
It is a metallic boned corset so it's quite heavy but you will feel comfortable due to the so soft hello kitty fleece inside.
It has candy pink reflective fabric stripes on the center and on both sides sewn with the "electrocardiogram" stitch so will be quite uv/reflective.
Both top and bottom are finished with a pink checkered ribbon for a more pin up look!It is closed with metallic eyelets on the back (real strong closure).

This corset even if made from hello kitty fabric is a real corset :it is sewn with high quality stitching,real curvy pattern and metallic bones -quite heavy corset.It' s made for long lasting and not just for one party!!!

It is unique (you won't find that on the high street),a perfect accessorie for every hello kitty addict!

This underbust corset will be made to measure : the picture shown the prototype.You can order it if you are less than a 30 inches (76cm) waist or if you want to obtain a reduction for less than 30inches waist.
I won't be able to sew plus sizes for this corset .
I will email you after ordering for your measurements.


More corsets are coming=i haven't had the time to update the website.Anyway if you are looking for a different pattern or hello kitty fabric email me =extravagant custom order are welcome ;-) !
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Made to measure for Size Small to large
less than 30inches (76cm) waist

Price : 95 GBP

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