Barbie love set:only one!
glittering pale pink 100% cotton fabric,pink pvc

barbie-love top:
front: should be worn over another top, as it's quite revealing!
huge Barbie print pocket with a silver reflective star ,Barbie print star on the right corner, PVC shoulder straps with silver reflective fabric
back:top held only with white elastic bands ,one holding the shoulder straps and one the waist,quite adjustable top
measurements length 10,4in=34cm

barbie-love skirt:
front: pencil skirt,lengh 20in=50cm,two Barbie print stars:the biggest one with a razor blade on
back:zip closure,Hello Kitty nurse cross bandage on the bottom right,silver reflective fabric crosses,Barbie print flounce all around the skirt,hem with a silver reflective fabric

unique item:size S/M
size 10/12 for UK,8/10forUS,36/38 for europe
waist :26in=65cm
Better an 8 size than a 10 (even if this material will fit to feel more comfortable )

this is a combine set :not available separately
be careful there is also a barbie/love fabric in the limited items but it's not the same:this one is unique!

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