*furry legwarmers: black fur with neon pink uv tape*
*others colors (more available)
black fur + uv silver/black tape * neon green fur + neon pink uv tape* neon orange fur + silver fabric uv tape
*Furry uv or furry design legwarmers /boots *

These boots are made from medium pile fur (plain or printed) :you will customize them with uv tape or furry (medium pile fur) design =one design on the front center (heart,star or nurse cross).
They are adjustable due to the elastic band on the top (stretchy up to 20inches=51cm=).
They have a 24inches flared shape (perfect to wear over platform shoes or boots ).
They are calf lenght (under knee lenght:17inches ).

These furry leg wamrers are only custom made :i will email you after ordering for your choice of fur colour,uv tape or furry design.Anyway there is only 48h delay after payment to ship if the fur is in stock ! If i have to order the fur delay is one week for shipping.

UV tape colour chart : click here

medium plain fur colour chart: click here

medium printed (animal prints,stars) fur colour chart : click here

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Price 15 GBP

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