available in a huge range
of colour :

(colour chart: click here )

purple,candy pink
cerise,electric blue
apple green


*fluffy fur flounce*
(colour chart : click here )

neon green
neon pink,baby pink baby blue

*Asymmetrical hoop fluffy skirt *made to measure only

The asymmetrical hoop fluffy skirt is made from pvc or cordura on the top and has a 4" fluffy flounce (made from long hair fur) on the bottom.The flared shape is reinforce with a hoop.

*front length :(total) = 18,5",back length 26"
*flared : 65inches (165 cm)
This skirt has an elastic band on the top :you will be able to wear it on the waist or low rise (on the hips).

You will be able to customize your asymmetrical hoop
fluffy skirt with uv tape and furry designs : click here

Due to the huge range of colours these skirt is only custom made :i will email you after ordering for your measurements and fabrics choices.
If you want to pay with another method than paypal just email me (answer the same day).
Two different prices are listed.t.There is a small over-charge (5GBP) for sizesmore than 32inches(81cm) waist due to the more fabric.

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Asymmetrical hoop fluffy skirt
Sizes less than 32"waist/81cm
(less than 16UK,14US,42Eur)
Price :
40 GBP
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I will email you after ordering for choices and measurements
Asymmetrical hoop fluffy skirt Plus sizes
Sizes more than 32"waist/81cm

Price :
35 GBP
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I will email you after ordering for choices and measurements