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warning nurse dress :unique item clearance 37£ instead of 67£ !!

Warning nurse dress is the most odd nurse dress i have sewn since yet ;-)!It is made from a shinny pearly white (so not from usual white pvc) and red plastic.

It is a
:high-necked exposing your back dress .The top has a ,huge red plastic nurse cross on it and red/white lace on the sides.The collar closed with a velcro tape,all this dress is sewn with the decorative electrocardiogram stitch for a more medical outfit!
The skirt is an assymetrical hoop skirt :longer on the back.This skirt is quite rigid (cdue to the plastic boning on the bottom skirt).
The skirt is orned with a huge red urse cross and real bandages protected with transparent plastic.
On the back skirt hass a red and transparent plastic decorative zip on the right buttock,red plastic nurse cross and bandages on both parts.
*front skirt length 13in=33cm
* back skirt:25,5in=64cm

only one dress has been sewn:you will be the ne wearing a such bloody nurse sophisticated dress !
size 10/12 for UK,8/10forUS,36/38 for europe
half-bust :33cm=14in (it's smaller than a half-bust measurement :really low-cut dress!
collar:min 13,6in=34cm,max 15,2in=38cm

warning nurse waist corset : click here

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