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hello kitty fireman dress:limited item only size small left !

*new*hello kitty fireman legwarmers !

Here is the most "cliché" cyber gothic hello kitty dress i ever sewn !It is made from a really hard to find hello kitty fireman fabric .As all hello kitty clothes it is a limited item due to the fabric AND to the philosophy of freyagushi .It's better to sew unique or limited item for that kind of very odd stuff 'cause when you buy a really original dress you don't want to see someone having the same as you in the same partie ;-)!

*top :This dress is made only from hello kitty fabric.It has a kind of bib held only with huge black elastic bands(but it's impossible for it to fal off ).The top has a red plastic pocket with an eletrocardiogram patch on it for a more medical touch !
*skirt: The skirt as a flared rigid shape due to the bottom hoop (made from plastic boning) .The skirt has many ,black/silver reflective tapes held with red plastic bands all around .It closes with a zipped at the back.
*length skirt 16in=40cm

Have a look at the assorted waist cincher and furry legwamrers (new):great bargain:you buy the waist cincher you get the furry legwarmers free !

hello kitty fireman waist corset : click here

hello kitty fireman furry legwarmers NEW : coming soon

n 2004 many new hello kitty stuff will be added:.The system for the sizes will change:only one medium will be sewn and the rest of the limited items will be custom made (so it will be possible to order even plus sizes :)
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Only size small left:up to 25" waist (64cm).
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