sailorglow bust corset --clearance 37£ instead of 77£-including shipping worldwide
black/grey leatherette,neon orange reflective tapes

front: 6 parts bust corset.This corset is molded in the shape of the bust.Even if having no stays you will be held and it will underline perfectly your bust.
This is not a waist reduction corset but you will obtain a slimming effect ..

It has neon (and glow ) orange pvc reflective tapes on the center part,each part is sewn to be rigid with the "electrocardiogramm stitch"-neon orange thread very UV too :).
This corset has"a heart" shape on the front with two points on the top front part .It will cover your bust entirely.
:Both back parts have orange pvc reflective tapes (UV).It's closed with a black velcro for a more cyber electro effect.

The bust corset are only custom made:i will email you after ordering for your measurements.
only size less than a 16UK,14US,44Europe =less than 41inches chest (104 cm) are available=the fabric is left for only 1 per size .

You will pick your reflective colour tape after ordering:reflective chart : click here

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Free shipping worlwide!no disappointement with outrageous shipping cost!

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Sailorglow bust corset
Sizes less than 41inches chest =104 cm

Price :
37 GBP reduced !
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I will email you after ordering for your measurements