military siren bust-corset: -clearance 37£ instead of 77£-including shipping worldwide
black camouflage print:100%cotton 

front:8 parts bust -corset .It's sewn to hold you and to obtain a slimming effect even if it's comfortable ( due to the soft fleece fabric inside).BUt it's not suitable for waist reduction:this is a "decorative"corset : it's molded and will fit perfectly with your bust shape-will underline it.
This corset has a "heart "shape with two points on the front top.It's quite adjustable because of the extra fabric under the yelets on the back.

back:This corset has black shinny satiny biais all around.The closure is on the back only with metallic eyelets.

It's sold with the assorted camouflage collar with a huge hand-made net flower.

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