8kitty bust-corset: limited item!pink pvc!!

8kitty polystyrene is a molded corset :with no bones.
It is not suitable for reduction waist but you will be able to obtain a slimming effect ordering your usual clothing size or an accentuated curvy shape ordering one size less than your usual clothing size.
This overbust corset will hold you ,flatten your tummy,pull you in BUT you won't be able to obtain a long-lasting reduction or a slimming effect more than a 2" less than your natural size.
These corsets are suitable for both women or men who want to obtain a feminine curvy silhouette.

More about molded corsets/sizing , molded corsets FAQ's : click here

This is a 8 parts overbust corset without bones:it is already molded in the shape of the bust.
It's not a waist reduction corset BUT you wil obtain a slimming effect (even if feeling comfortable due to the very soft pink fleece fabric inside).This corset will underline perfectly your bust.
It is made from shinny candy pink pvc.
The center is filled with neon pink feathers (really uv reactive) and 8-shaped polystyrene balls.Each part is sewn with the electrocardiogram stitch (neon pink thread uv too) to make this corset more rigid.
The closure is on the back with metallic eyelets.The corset is finished with pink satiny biais.

8kitty polystyrene set :
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This underbust corset is a limited item :only one small and one medium are left.

_If you want only to obtain a slimming effect order your natural size.
_If you want an accentuated curvy shape order one size less (-2" less) than your natural size.

_size small:25" waist (64cm)
IF you are a 25" waist you will obtain only a slimming effect.
If you are a 27" waist (medium) you will order this size to obtain a accentuated curvy shape.

_size medium : 27" waist (68cm)
If you are a medium size you will order this size to obtain only a slimming shape.
If you are a size large (29" waist) you will order this size medium to obtain a more curvy shape.

please read carefully the sizes chart (email me if in doubt) for the rest of the measurements (bust,hips).

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