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* Open bra underbust corset : from basic fabrics :twill,pvc or satin*

This corset is a high open bra underbust style.It will pull you in and up.
It will be patterned with 10 pannels and 11 metallic bones will hold you.The metallic bones will be individually cut for your corset.
- You can order a closed fabric corset (It is more comfortable to wear without busk for every day wear especially with this shape down on the hips)...You can also have a busk front closure (metallic part on the front) .
-This corset will come a little down on your hips (3" to 6" down depending on your bust length ).It will help you to flatten your tummy and/or define the hips or just have a great pin up silhouette !
It has a pointy shape in the middle of the chest (usually total length for the center front is between 10" and 12").
The front is longer than the back=this corset has an unique decreasing shape=the back lenght will be between 8" to 9".
-The back closure is made from solid metallic eyelets.You will be able to wear it all over years.
-Top and bottom are finished with fabric and bias.
-The corset will be made from 2 layers of fabric= you will choose twill,satin or pvc.Have a look at the underbust longline corsets for the fabric colours.

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The price is the same whatever your size is:even plus sizes.
I will email you after ordering for your fabric choice and measurements as a pattern will be draft especially for you to assure a perfect fit=all corsets are custom made. The delay will depend of the fabric: if the fabric is in stock allow me only 15days.

I will also need the bra you want to wear with this corset to have a perfect curvy shape for the chest.

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made to measure : fabric closure
whatever your size is (even plus sizes)
Price : 115 GBP
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I will email you after ordering for your measurements and fabric choice .
made to measure : front busk closure
Price : 135 GBP
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I will email you after ordering for your measurements and fabric choice.