here open bra underbust corset from army green twill with pink horinzontal lace and pvc hearts

*customize your corset ! *

For 5£ more you can customize your corset:
-with horizontal lace
_with lace all around the bottom at the top
_with garters (8garters all around)
_with small hearts or stars on the size
-with ribbons (have a look at the my melody special fabric underbust corset)

More corsets customization=with hand made flowers,rhinestones,uv tape will be soon added.

The price is the same whatever your size is:even plus sizes.

I will email you after ordering for your measurements as a pattern will be draft especially for you to assure a perfect fit=all corsets are custom made-and fabric choice.

I will send you an invoice after you will have email me your order.The customizations are available on all shapes=longline underbust,open bra underbust,overbust,heart overbust..

More shapes (pointy shapes,highback shapes) will be added in a few time,also more corsets style =don't hesitate to subscribe to the mailing list to get informed.

Free shipping worldwide.

How to order (other than paypal)/terms = click here

Email me at [email protected] :i will send you an invoice.To know the total price you only have to add 5£ to the corset you have choose.
I will email you for the choice of the fabric (basic=pvc,twill,satin) or special (anime,retro,chinese brocade).