Boned corsets FAQ's

Please read this faq's carefully before ordering.I having any questions don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]

*Why wearing a corset /when?*
They are two different use:
-training corsets : use your corset to modify your body=long lasting reduction waist=fior this you will have to waist training and keep your corset night and day=only the twill corset are suitable for this use.
-evening/casual wear corsets =you can easily obtain a 2inches reduction waist without being hurt.The corsets will give you a great feminine shape,flatten your tummy and pull you in and up.There is no need to waist trained to obtain a 2inches reduction but if you want more than this you will have too.

*Are they suitable for both women and TV'S,TS ?
The reduction corsets have a curvy pattern they will fit to every personn who desire to obtain a curvy shape!

You will obtain a great feminine pin-up curvy silhouette ordering it 2" less than your natural size.
TV's and TS are welcome :).

*A long lasting reduction waist?*
For a long lasting reduction waist you will need to order a corset from twill and wear it every day as undergarnment.
You can wear it under work or evening wear clothing without problem.
Once the corset has become totally comfortable you will reduce your waist by half an inch. This will take about 2 weeks at first, but as the corset becomes tighter, the time it takes to lose each half inch becomes increasingly longer.
With patience and gently you will obtain a better result.
I will provide you some advices when ordering your corset for the waist training.

*How much reduction ?*
if you are new to corsetry you will start off by reducing your waist by only 2-3" .
A 2 inches reduction is easy to obtain even for a party =you won't have to waist training f
or it (but you won't have a long lasting reduction).
Then after you first corset you will be able to order a 4"reduction,a 6" reduction...but will have to waist training.

*if i don't want to obtain a long lasting waist reduction?
You can easily wear a corset 2inches less than your natural waist measurements without being hurt and without waist training for any ocassion.
If you don't want to feel more comfortable and obtain a 2 inches reduction you can order a corset with plastic bones instead of metallic bones.

*Corset pattern=only custom made*
A pattern will be draft only for you at your measurements .I will email you after ordering to ask your measurements.
All freyagushi corsets are uniquely patterned with 10 pannels as opposed to the traditional 12 pannel Victorian corsets. The shaping of each pannel allows for an extra curvy look that will make jaws drop!! The corset rests just beneath the bust then dramatically rises to a point. It also sweeps higher from the sides to the back.
You will have 12 bones=usually corsets have 20 bones ,i prefer using bigger bones so use "only" 12.

*How corsets are made ?*
The corsets are made from two or 3 layers of fabrics.
The layers will be made from strong twill .
Each pannel is reinforce with webbing.
The top and bottom are finished with fabric AND bias.
The metallic (or plastic) bones are cut individually for your corset.
The closure on the back is with metallic eyelets.

*Busk or no busk?*
They have exactly the same reduction effect.
-You will be able to close your busk corset alone but will need help for the one only from fabric.
-I personally prefer corsets without busk not to be hurt being sit and to keep more fabric as possible as metallic busk don't match with all fabrics.
A busk closure is available for 15£ more than the price listed for fabric closure corsets.

*the fabrics*
All corsets from twill,pvc or satin have the same price.
You will add 20£ for corsets from special fabrics such as betty boop,hello kitty,dotted fabric,cherry fabrics...All these fabrics are available for a really limited time.
If you are looking for any precise anime,pin up fabric i will be happy to have a look for you :) just email me.

*The customization *
I can't list every customization available.
You will be able to order additional uv tape,lace,ribbons,garters......any idea?email me

*Other questions?*
If you have other questions just e-mail me.Reduction waist corsets and decorative boned corset will be added soon.If you are looking for similar corsets at affordable prices just e-mail me.