hello kitty and anime fabrics
-for all clothing!-
-last update 4 nov 2006-

These are limited or unique fabrics .
The hello kitty and sanrio fabrics are all original items coming from japan .
They are all limited edition:one a fabric is out of stock i can't order it anymore.

All these fabrics are available for ALL anime items : corset,aprons,tshirts,skirt ect.
T these fabrics are only available in small quantity .
It can be impossible for me to sew assorted items with them .
If you want to order more than one item with the same fabric email me before ordering
to be sure it is possible.

hello kitty fabrics

new charmy kitty bunny

new charmy kitty valentine
new ^_^
hello kitty fruits

charmy cream bows
kitty hearts & bows

hello kitty vuiton
kitty pink sweets
hello kitty and teddy
hello kitty 70's hello kitty dots & cherries

hello kitty cameo hello kitty doggie
hello kitty ibiscus hello kitty leopard

other sanrio fabrics

new ! batz maru black

batz maru blue batz maru cheked
my melody pink bat

new cinamoroll fruits

other anime fabrics

my little poney fabric

barbie fabrics

powerpuff girls fabric

pokemon pink fabric