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Here is a list of fabrics you can order for your corset.
You can choose one or 2 fabrics if you want alternate pannels.

note that the corsets fully from an anime fabric have a 10GBP extra charge.

black/white pinstripe wool or cotton

polka dots

click here to see the polka dots fabrics available
click here to see the pvc colours available
click here to see the leatherette colours available
cotton drill
click here to see the cotton drill colours available
betty boop
click here to see the betty boop fabrics available
anime (hello kitty & more) LIMITED ! click here to see the anime fabrics available

* If you can't see a fabric you like email me ! I will be more than happy to find your perfect one ;-).
* You can provide your own fabric for the top layer.In that case email me to order as there will be a 10GBP reduction on your corset price.