freyagushi tight lacing corsets construction

*tight lacing corset construction *
-Freyagushi tight lacing corsets are made to measure.This means i will email you after ordering for your measurements (lot and lot of measurements required).A pattern will be draft according to your own body heigh and width.
-All corsets have 3 layers of fabrics : 2 of strong cotton drill + 1 from the fabric you will choose.
-They have cotton tape protecting the top and bottom to avoid the bones to come out.
-They have satin decorativ bias unless you specify you don't like it.
-they have a cotton waist tape
-they have metallic eyelets on the back (unless you want them on the front side ect = in that case email me)
-I will email you to know if you want a back protector.If you want one you will be able to choose a removable one (or not)
* about tight lacing corsets *
-Thight lacing corsets are made to reduce your waist BUT it won't be a long lasting reduction unless you do waist training.
Waist training means wearing everyday a corset under your clothing.

-Freyagushi tight lacing corsets are suitable from 2 inches to 6 inches reduction.
I usually recommand 4 inches reduction (unless my customers hate the feeling of being thight!).You may not be able to wear firstly your corset at 4 inches but practising it will come very fast.The best is to lace your corset every 15 min before going out!

-If you don't want to have your waist reduce but like the look of corsets you can order decorativ corsets.
They are still sturdy -as suitable for 2 inches reduction-but have no busk and have plastic boning (not cheap rigilene boning,proper plastic ones).
They are generally 15£ less than the tight lacing corsets.

email me ;-)