corset faq's

-what are including the prices : is there an extra charge for plus size?how long will be my corset?...

-how much reduction can i have?are the corsets painful ?

-can i order a waist training corset?

-do you accept custom orders for different shapes ?for different fabrics (can i send my own fabric)

-i only want a decorative corset what shall i do?

-are you sewing mens corsets?

*what are including the prices?*
all prices are including :
-made to measure : no matter how tall/sizes you are =i don't charge for plus sizes.
-The corset heigh will depend of your body lenght.
Underbust corsets will arrive under your chest (on your ribs where the bottom of your bra is) and on the top of your pantyline (to assure you a flatten tummy).
Overbust corset lenght will depend of what kind of corsets you would like (ex : if you want half cup,heart shape ect,showing a cleavage or not).
-one customization on the corset front side is included in the price .

note that i don't charge for rush service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!email me and i will do my best !

*The tight lacing corsets can bring you 2inches to 6inches reduction.*
Corsets aren't painfull if well made so it's very important to measure yourself as accuratly as possible.I highly recommand a 3-4inches reduction even for eveningwear.You will be able generally to close your corset step by step a few hours before going out.

* waist training corsets *
You are very welcome to email me to order a waist training corset.
Waist training corsets will be worn under your clothing on a daily basis.
The waist training corset is an underbust corset WITHOUT BUSK (to avoid to be hurt) made from cotton drill.
I will send you a waist training instruction sheet when ordering.The price for a waist training corset is the price for a general fabric underbust corset without busk=85GBP no matter what your size is.

* custom orders *
Freyagushi corsets are already custom made as you choose your own fabric and customization.
BUT if you would like a different fabric than the one listed,totally different customizations you are very welcome to email me.
You can provide your own fabric for the top layer.In that case there will be a 10GBP discount on your corset price.
If you can't find the shape you are looking for you are welcome to email me.

If your custom request is in my field i will do my best :)...
If it isn't i will be able to direct you to some other corsetieres = note that i don't sew for example historical reproductions.
my goal is more to bring up new avant garde corsets designs ;-) especially inlaying medical elements,new materials..

* decorative corsets *
If you aren't looking to be tight to more than 2 inches (5cm) you can order a decorativ corset.
The decorative corsets will have plastic bones instead pf metal bones and no busk.
They are sturdy too = i don't use rigilene boning that will fold after one night of wearing your corset but actual plastic tripleflex boning.
Decorative corsets will be 10GBP less than tight lacing corsets without busk.
They are having the same pattern as the tight lacing ones.They have the same contrution = the only difference is the bones.
email me to order a custom decorative corset

* men corsets *
I am sewing men corsets!...the men section will be uplaoded in a few month ..meanwhile email me if you want to order a men corset ;-).

don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions at "[email protected]" or click on the ambulance above ;-).