shown on a cherry open bra corset shown on a polka dot open bra corset
this open bra has a decreasing back shape back
addiotnnal braces with nurse crosses
roses + braces
profile the broken flower customization : bows with handmade flowers and nurse crosses

+ bloody bandages customization +

Ihese corsets are a perfect illustration of what i would like a freyagushi clothing to be :a raw sophisticated mix of cuteness/medical.

If you like medical touches you can add bandages to any corset shape.
You can have plain (white) bandages,bloody bandages or even bloody writtings.

The bandages are protected with transparent plastic so you will be able to wash your corset.

The over charge for bandages is 10 GBP .
-email me to order -
if you would like the same customizations as the cinamorroll corset email me for a quote.I am not abble to sew the same one as the fabric was unique you can have the same customizations on another anime fabric ;-) .